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Updated: Apr 27

Take control of Adobe Illustrator and create your own Preset Document.

Wouldn’t it be brilliant when starting a new document in Adobe Illustrator it would automatically come with your color pallet, your custom designed symbols, the right color space, the right size document and resolution, and in points, pixels, or inches, whatever you use most? You can have this and more with control over Adobe Illustrator's Preset Documents.

One of my own custom built Preset Document.

Illustrator's print Preset Document choices

What is a Preset Document and what does Illustrator have to offer.

A Preset Document in Illustrator is a document that is set or adjusted beforehand to facilitate use, whether you want to use it for mobile, web, print, or film and video. The choices are limited and often times you end up adding everything you need for your project after you've created a new document and this slows down your workflow. Templates are different and won't be covered in this article.

How to get to your Library folder

Where are the Preset Documents located on your Mac?

It's important to know where your Preset Documents live in order to save new presets or delete older ones that have out lived their usefulness. Preset Documents are located in a folder called New Document Profiles. To get there you need to start with your Library. There are two ways of getting to the Library folder on your Mac.

1. You can open the Finder window and select Go from the menu bar at the top of the screen while holding down the Option key to reveal the Library folder option in the dropdown menu, then select Library. 2. Open the Finder window and select Go to open Go to Folder, type in ~/Library and select Go. When you get to your Library select it and you're 4 steps away from the New Profile Documents folder.

The long journey to your New Document Profiles folder.

Follow the Path

To follow the path to the New Document Pro