Is Crisis Fatigue Killing Your Creativity? 4 Effective Strategies to Win the Battle

Updated: May 26

Creativity is vital to us who depend on it to make a living and important for those who rely on the creative industry. We all know that creative genius must be nourished and protected to thrive. Recently, I noticed my own creativity was languishing away with the constant onslaught of a new crisis around every corner. I felt helpless, then I caught a local NEWS station reporting on Crisis Fatigue. In this segment, a psychologist gave the usual cliché remedies to alleviate Crisis Fatigue, but not how to eliminate it. I found this advice extremely irritating and unhelpful. It made me look inward and empowered me to take back control.

Crisis Fatigue was killing my creativity. I had to take realistic steps to eliminate Crisis Fatigue and rescue my creativity from the brink of death. I'd like to share the four strategies I used to win the battle against Crisis Fatigue. What doesn't work, what you need stop doing, what you should be doing, and a few questions to ask when confronted with a crisis.

This won't breathe life back into your creativity | Wix Images

1. What Doesn't Work

More Mindfulness

More Exercise

More Sleep

More Water

Better Diet

You need to know what doesn't work. The psychologist, in the NEWS segment, suggested that doing the simple practices listed above could fend off #CrisisFatigue. Although these are good habits, they won't do much to breathe life back into your creativity. You will end up with more stress, pressure, and guilt.

Don't watch the NEWS | Wittner Design

2. Do Not

Watch the NEWS, read the NEWS, talk about the NEWS, look at the NEWS feed, be around the NEWS, or think about the NEWS. The NEWS is only concerned about their bottom line (most of the NEWS has little effect on your daily life and you can’t do much about it anyways)

Watch Scary Movies

Watch nature films. These films will lull you into serenity then hold you personally responsible for destroying the planet and surrounding solar system

Neglect your own crisis, deadlines, and responsibilities