How to Market Your Business’s Reopening on a Budget

Updated: May 26

Shutting down temporarily - especially for a pandemic - can land a major blow to your business. Customers often don’t mentally distinguish between “closed for now” and “closed for good.” As a result, you can wind up losing clients who simply assume that your business is shut down for good. How do you avoid this? You create an effective reopening marketing campaign. Once you’ve taken care of all the legal aspects of the business, including filing all that paperwork, you can make the right moves to let customers know you’re back in business. Here’s a look at some of the most cost-effective marketing strategies.

Marketing Mail

It might seem old-fashioned, but mailed marketing can be an extremely effective tool for business. If your target audience is a highly localized market, it makes sense to connect with them via their mail boxes. Focus on low-cost ways to achieve this, such as using Staples coupons to cut down on your materials costs.

You can also use mail to take a targeted, personal approach. This is a great move for small businesses that have developed relationships with clients. A handwritten, individualized letter sends a big message: I remember you, you matter to me, and I’m back in business. Remember, customers are people first. Connecting with them on a personal level will always leave an impact.

Targeted Advertising

More and more of our lives are happening online and, as a result, nearly any company can benefit from targeted digital advertising. The benefit of this kind of advertising is its specificity. You can buy ads through Google, Facebook, and other online platforms that go directly to your target audience.

This means your money is being spent on potential customers only, which saves you money. No more spending a ton on casting a wide net just to hope the right people get caught along the way. Sites that sell these kinds of ads pride themselves on creating effective algorithms that understand their users needs. Take advantage of this research and get your message seen.

SEO Marketing

Another tool you can use to enhance your reopening campaign is focusing on SEO best practices. When you have good SEO, your website is more likely to come up when people search for your product or services. A high SEO rank is crucial for both online-only and in-person businesses.

This is achieved through a combination of inbound and outbound links, online content, and SEO-friendly web design. Search engines value high-quality, useful content, so establishing your company as an industry voice is extremely effective. Think about what kind of content you can produce that relates to your company’s mission and position in the industry, and use that to guide your online voice.

The great thing about this is that you can really tailor it to any budget. If you don’t have a ton to spend, you can hire consultants to help you come up with a game plan, then do the work yourself. If you have more budget to work with, a marketing company can handle everything from keyword generation to content and ROI evaluation.

Safety Messaging

No matter what method of marketing you decide to use, you need to think about what message you’re sending clients. “We’re open!” is the first and most basic part of your message, but you must go deeper. Address the pandemic, and specifically address what you’re doing to keep customers safe. Social distancing, mask usage, and virtual services are all great things to emphasize right now. Clients want to know you’re thinking about their health and safety, so incorporate that into your advertising.

Focus on using the advertising routes that will be most cost-effective for your market, audience, and business model. With the right marketing moves, your business reopening can be a major success!

Written by Naomi Johnson | October 2020

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