Pick Your Own Fall Colors

Fall Colors are as close as your local farmer's market

Fall is here with its treasure of tempting colors. You can capture those precious colors as palettes and use them in your social media posts, digital art, and print projects with Adobe Capture. The Adobe Capture App for your phone or tablet makes it pretty simple to turn a picture into a palette. Adobe Capture can also capture gradients, materials, type, shapes, looks patterns, and brushes. You can get the Adobe Capture mobile app for no cost with a Free Adobe Creative Cloud account. Otherwise Adobe Capture is included with a Creative Cloud subscription.

Adobe Capture

To capture a few Fall colors I brought a photo into Adobe Capture and created a preliminary palette using the color option, then changed the color model to CMYK, and after naming this palette I saved it to my CC Library. If you don't want to save it to your CC Library, save or send your palette to any of the usual places using the options on your phone or tablet.

Adobe Color Wheel

You can also create palettes with Adobe Color Wheel. For a short 'how to' for using Color Wheel go to Adobe FAQ.


In Photoshop I opened my Libraries, located my saved palette, and continued to build and refine my captured colors. I adjusted the saturation and brightness of each color to create a well balanced palette. Four hues is enough to unify your projects and designs, a dark, a medium, a light, and a neutral works well.

Well balanced palette

It's difficult to see the true values of your colors unless they're de-saturated. Test your palette by bringing it into Photoshop or Lightroom and use the saturation slider to take the 'color' out leaving shades of gray. Another option to test your palette is to use your phone or tablet and then de-saturate your palette using the editing saturation option available in photo apps like Google Photos or Apple Photos.

Appears to be a balanced palette

Same palette when de-saturated shows how poorly it's balanced

The following are a few palettes I created from photos taken at Big Marine Country Farms here in Minnesota. I chose CMYK for print. Adobe capture also has options for RGB, Hex, and HSB.

Gorgeous Gourds palette

Green and Pink Pumpkin palette

Gooseneck Gourds palette

Pumpkins palette

Happy color picking!

All images by WittnerDesign 2020 ©

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